Gebax Unimetron originates from two different companies; Gebax AB, founded early 2008 and Unimetron Electronics AB, founded 1981.

Unimetrons business has since the start primarily been contract manufacturing of PCBA, where focus has been on measurement, control and regulation technology.

When Gebax AB was founded 2008 it was to make a vision come true; to give SMEs in Sweden a chance to benefit from manufacturing in China without having to establish their own business there. To reinforce the production in China, Flink Trading AB was acquired in Åmål.

2010 another chapter was written in Gebax AB's history when the production from Unimetron Electronics was acquired and Gebax Unimetron was established. The production in Sweden became a complement to the production in China.

Gebax Unimetron AB offers competitive solutions for contract manufacturing and assembling products. We offer everything from assembling of PCB, manufacturing of plastic- and metal parts to complete assembly of products, which may contain both electronics and mechanics.

For more information, please contact us:

Email: info@unimetron.se